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Rental Application Guidelines

Before the application fee is accepted, the applicant is hereby advised that the application eligibility criteria used in deciding whether to rent a rental unit to the applicant are based on the below guidelines:

  • All applications must be accompanied by a non-refundable application fee per applicant and guarantor.
  • No application will be processed until the application is completed in full.
  • Income Requirement: Income from ALL sources will be considered.
  • Rental History: Satisfactory rental history is required.
  • Consumer Reports: Satisfactory consumer history is required.

    Pending criminal accusation or criminal conviction history of individuals over 18 years of age who will reside in the rental unit, which occurred within the past 7 years or less, and only for offenses listed in the Fair Criminal Record Screening for Housing Act of 2016.

    The applicant may provide evidence demonstrating inaccuracies within the applicant’s criminal record or evidence of rehabilitation or other mitigating factors. Applicants have the right to provide, among other things, evidence of errors in their criminal background report, evidence of good conduct since the conviction or pending accusation occurred, or other information a housing provider could use when evaluating their criminal background.

    Criminal background history will only be obtained and considered AFTER making a conditional offer to rent the applicant a rental unit.

    Landlord and Tenant Court Action: Landlord may reject any applicant that experienced prior legal action for the enforcement of the terms and conditions of the lease, occupancy and/or rental agreement of any previous residences.

    Maximum Occupancy in accordance with Washington, DC regulations is Two (2) people per bedroom plus One (1). Examples below:
  • Studio/Efficiency: Two (2) Persons
  • 1 Bedroom: Three (3) Persons
  • 2 Bedroom: Five (5) Persons
  • 3 Bedroom: Seven (7) Persons

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